Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Vinings Georgia-Things To Know

Previously known as both "Crossroads" and "Paces," Vinings is a small city northwest of Atlanta. It received its current name from William Vining, who was also constructing Vinings Bridge at the time. Of course, Vinings was about many of the small towns outside Atlanta that was destroyed on General Sherman's march through Atlanta. Following the American Civil War, however, Vinings officially became recognized as a community in 1904.

The area of Vinings is split between the larger cities of Buckhead in Atlanta (Fulton County) and Smyrna/Marietta (Cobb County). However, the U.S. Postal Service does not consider Vinings to be incorporated into Atlanta, yet recognizes both "Vinings" or "Atlanta" for addresses. Because of its prime location, there is so much to do in this section of northern Atlanta. 

If you are not looking for activities to do in the congestion of Atlanta, maybe opt for a quiet weekend at Marietta's Farmer's Market on the weekends. Or if you are up for a busier area, you can always check out Atlanta's amazing shopping, dining, and attractions.

Residents of Vinings attend Cobb County schools and, although there was talk in the past of Vinings being incorporated into Georgia as an official city, this has been abandoned due to a split vote. This is a beautiful area to live, though, and you really get the best of both worlds. With only about 9,700 residents, you are sure to feel at home!

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